The biggest stress in the event planning business is over the matters you can’t have full control over as an organizer. We’ve built Eventmix with this in mind, and we’ve created a ridiculously easy to use tool that enables you to create an event landing page in minutes, even if you don’t have a stack of degrees in digital mastery and the magic of binary. 

But don’t take our word for it, and find it all out yourself: 

Easy Setup That Just Works 

After the year and a half that we’ve all been through, it’s no wonder that many events moved online, or at least transitioned into a hybrid version, and not just because of the government issued limitations, but also in an attempt to stay healthy and to show support towards the situation.

And while this is a perfectly sensible thing to do, many professionals from the event planning industry, who don’t necessarily have a digital background, have taken on this new pursuit. 

Digital solutions should work like an intelligent, technological layer on top of our capabilities that helps us move things forward faster and more elegantly.

We’ve created Eventmix to empower all event builders to bring their visions to life regardless of their digital experience, through a very friendly editor that helps them create an event Landing Page in minutes

Every digital event needs a carefully planned, branded Landing Page containing all the details and enabling organizers to monitor the attendees. 

We’ve created our product in a market where most solutions either address the needs of corporations hosting events for thousands of people or the opposite – solutions that work well for a handful of participants, but can get really messy when it comes to facilitating an experience to hundreds of attendees. 

Features & Integrations 

One of the best advantages you get with Eventmix is the ability to create your landing page in real time, with all kinds of features that you might need. To list a bunch, you have stages, ticketing options, sponsors, networking tables mimicking real-life interactions, and everything in between. 

One of the quality markers that matter to us is not compromising functionalities and user experience just by making the interface ridiculously easy to use.


This is why we’ve been extremely careful to offer a product that is at the perfect intersection between intuitive user experience and event quality

You’ve got all the basic event setup criteria, that you just fill out before you generate the Landing Page, such as: 

  • Tickets – everything from ticket types, to promo codes and registration forms 
  • Speakers, Stages, Sessions, Schedule – you’ve got the possibility to organize your event to take place on multiple stages, just by adding the stage names and the speakers for each stage, which also generates an event schedule 
  • Sponsors – promote your sponsors and your media relations by category
  • Theme & Customization – this one’s a must: regardless of your event, the intent will always be to strengthen your brand’s presence, and so you’ve got different types of customization and whitelabel functionalities to help you stand out; you can even move away from the template we’re offering and spice things up with your own version of the Landing Page
  • Networking Tables – in order for your attendees to have a truly outstanding experience, networking is a must. It’s also a very powerful motivator for attendees to come to the event in the first place, so it’s really relevant to set up Networking Tables and to create a real-life-like environment 

Know What You’re Getting

Picking a digital solution for your event is a crucial part, and the more control you have over the situation, the better the event will turn out. Especially if you remove all tech-related barriers, such as the crazy amount of technical knowledge needed to develop a Landing Page from scratch.

We’ve got you! Eventmix is easy to use, and you can try it yourself with a trial account, where your events are free up to 25 participants. This means you get the chance to test the product and you’ve got full transparency over the way our platform works. 

And as if these weren’t good enough reason to take our tool for a spin, we’re also proudly offering additional benefits such as: 

  • Total control over your data – data privacy is a real concern and we’re mindful of the situation; this is why your attendees don’t have to register on our platform in order to participate, so we don’t collect any email address. The power of private information remains entirely in your hands. 
  • Super transparent pricing model – we believe that transparency goes a long way in the digital and business environment. This is why we’ve got a fixed fee, that you’ll be charged with without any additional or hidden costs. 

What do you say? Curious to try out Eventmix? Sign up here and get started in seconds. 

Livia Rusu

Livia Rusu

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