Eventmix makes it easy for anyone to run virtual events on their website

Who We Are

Eventmix was founded by Sergiu Biriș and Andrei Dunca. We are serial entrepreneurs and have been business partners for the past 14 years.

Eventmix is our 3rd startup that we are co-founding. We previously co-founded LiveRail, an amazingly successful ad tech company, which was acquired by Facebook a few years ago. Back in the day we also built Trilulilu, a User Generated Video Community that became Romania’s no.1 website and which was acquired by Digitap a while back.

We are super excited to be on this new journey accompanied by an amazingly talented team which are all working remotely. 


Why Eventmix

Before the sanitary crisis we had been building Soundmix, an app which helped music festivals live stream their concerts to fans. We successfully live streamed the Neversea festival in 2019, one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe and since then worked with hundreds of DJs and music producers to stream their live shows.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, we realised that we are going through a seismic shift, which would accelerate online consumption and push a lot of event organizers towards running online events. And so we decided to take our technology to the next level and make it available for anyone who wanted to organize and run virtual events online. 

We believe that our technology can have an amazing impact as it makes it very cost effective for anyone to launch and run a virtual event, even if they don’t have previous experience or technical know-how.

Even more so, we believe that our technology will be extremely helpful to people who may have never thought about organizing or running an event in the first place. With Eventmix they have a chance to organize their first virtual event in a very easy way. 

That’s why we’re here. To help people organize and run successful virtual events on their own websites. It’s that simple. 


Private Beta

Eventmix is currently launched in Private Beta, but be sure that we are going to officially launch the product very soon. Until then, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to be the first to find out when we launch.

Feel free to get in touch or request early access. We are gradually adding new clients, while making sure that the features we release work perfectly.


We are looking forward to helping you run your next virtual event!

Sergiu, Andrei & The Eventmix Team

Andrei Dunca & Sergiu Biriș
Eventmix Co-Founders

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