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We make it easy for anyone to organize and
run virtual & hybrid events under their own brand

Not so long ago event organizers didn’t have to deal with having to know about live video streaming, online user interaction or ticketing and payment systems. We built Eventmix so that organizers can take the technology hassle of their mind so they can focus on what matters most for their business: content and marketing.


Your Events. Your Brand

We know, there are other event platforms where you could host an event and send your users.
But why do that when you can grow your own brand and keep your community engaged even after the event has ended? 

With Eventmix your events run on your website so you can focus marketing spent towards growing your own brand.


We’ll focus on the technology, you focus on creating a great event

Your Events Will Be Live in Minutes

From our very intuitive events builder, with just a few clicks your event is set up and ready to go.

No Setup Fees. Use It Right Away

Yes, it’s free to set up and to go live. If you are successful, we’ll be too. Win win. 

No Coding Required. Easy To Use

You don’t need any line of code or technical expertise. Our interface is easy to use by anyone

Just Focus on What You Do Best

We help you take technology off your mind so you can focus on content and marketing


Everything you need to run your next virtual event

Landing Page Builder

Our easy to customize landing page is all you need to set up your event and start selling tickets in minutes. Customize colors, sections and more.

Intuitive Events Builder

Our easy to use administration area makes it easy for anyone to setup an event, without requiring any coding or advanced technical know-how

Live From Your Website

Send participants to your website. Events are run directly from your website so you can focus your marketing spent on growing your own brand and community

Web & Mobile Access

Your attendees will be able to watch your event on their desktop or smartphone, wherever they are

Free or Paid Events

Eventmix works great for free or paid events. It depends on you and the type of event you want to promote.

Ticket Sales

You can create different ticket variations with ease and put them on sale within minutes. The entire payment flow is handled by our platform, without any extra requirements from you.

Attendee Registration

We handle the entire registration flow for your customers. From the registration form to the emails they receive we have it covered,


Customers receive invoices on your behalf with every ticket they buy. The entire experience was thought so that it’s very easy for your bookkeeping.

Live Streaming from Any Source

Live stream from Zoom, OBS or other external streaming sources or even directly from your browser, any option is available.

Live Stream Pre-recorded Videos

If your speakers are on a different time zone or they just can’t be live at the time you want, you can live stream pre-recorded videos.

Automated Recorded Sessions

Eventmix saves the live video stream automatically. Then you can decide if you want to allow your attendees to replay the content

Simultaneous Live Streams

It’s perfect whether you run a small event with only one stage, or a big event with multiple stages that stream at the same time.

Multiple Camera Angles per Video

Have multiple camera feeds showing different angles of the presentation, in a single video player. 


Your attendees can interact on the event lobby or during the live streams via chat. 

Polls & Surveys

You can create polls and attendees can respond to event questions.

Audience Reactions

Your attendees can react with emojis and your speakers will get a better feeling of the audience.


Your attendees can ask moderated questions for the speakers on important topics that they are interested about.

Attendee Matching

Your attendees will have the option to connect based on different criteria that they select.

Contact Info Exchange

Your attendees will be able to exchange their contct information with a simple click

1:1 Video Meetings

If they decide to meet, your attendees can have a quick call to exchange contact information directly form your event page.


Some times a subject needs a more in depth discussion. You can organize roundtables where a limited number of speakers can discuss certain subjects, with or without attendee participation.

Expo with Virtual Booths

Your sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their products virtually, whether by pre-recorded video or live.

Sponsor Offers

Sponsors can activate special offers for your event. The attendees will be able to take the offer and interact with the sponsor.

Multiple Sponsor Features

You have a lot of flexibility in choosing the different sponsor categories and features that you want to activate, based on your own criterias.

Multiple Sponsor Ads Placements

You can give as much visibility to sponsors as you like, from displaying the logo on the page, inserting ads between sessions or full branding of the sessions.

Live Streaming Sources

Eventmix integrates well with Zoom, Meet, Skype, OBS or other external live streaming solutions.


Via our Stripe Connect integration, payments are done quickly and the payment reconciliation is done automatically

Customer Support

You can add your Intercom customer support box directly on your landing page and event pages.

Tracking & Analytics

Our integration with Google Analytics allows you to track visitor numbers and Facebook pixel for tracking and retargeting.


Share files to download with your attendees whether it’s a PDF presentation or a spreadsheet

Emails & SMS Notifications

You have the option to notify your attendees when the event is about to start by email or SMS

Flexible Scheduling

Run your event whenever you’d like with the flexible agenda options. You can run a scheduled event, or one that happens now

Event Reports

You get intuitive reports about ticket sales and custoemr behavior so that you can create even better content for your next event

Super simple pricing. No setup fees

No setup fees or hidden costs

Unlimited access to all features

$2 per participant

+10% of ticket revenue for paid events

Sponsorship revenue is all yours

Tell us about your next event

Tell us about your next event


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