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It's never been easier to run events from your own branded virtual venue

Customize the event with your own branding and URL.
Offer an amazing experience to your attendees from your own event website

Live stream directly from the browser with our Live Backstage Studio

No additional streaming software is needed. 
You can manage your attendees and live stream directly from the browser. 

Why Eventmix

It's easy to use

Eventmix can be used by anyone, even without any technical know-how. One person can manage an event with thousands of attendees. It’s just that easy to use.


Your brand should be front and center. That’s why we offer you the tools to customize everything about your event, from the landing page to the networking tables. Everything can be branded.

You're in control

Your attendees are yours. They don’t need an Eventmix account. The event data is yours. We don’t store it. You are in total control of your event. We just provide you with the technology so you can focus on your event.

Everything you need to run your next event

  • Event Customization
  • Tickets & Registration
  • Video Streaming
  • Privacy & Security
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Sponsors Experience
  • Integrations
  • More

Landing Page Builder

Our easy to customize landing page is all you need to set up your event and start selling tickets in minutes. Customize colors, sections and more.

Live Stream From Your Website

Send participants to your website. Events are run directly from your website so you can focus your marketing spent on growing your own brand and community

Intuitive Events Builder

Our easy to use administration area makes it easy for anyone to setup an event, without requiring any coding or advanced technical know-how

Web & Mobile Access

Your attendees will be able to watch your event on their desktop or smartphone, wherever they are

Free or Paid Events

Eventmix works great for free or paid events. It depends on you and the type of event you want to promote.

Attendee Registration

We handle the entire registration flow for your customers. From the registration form to the emails they receive we have it covered

Ticket Sales

Create different ticket variations with ease and put them on sale within minutes. The entire flow is handled by our platform, without any extra requirements from you.

Invoicing (coming soon)

Customers receive invoices on your behalf with every ticket they buy. The entire experience was thought so that it’s very easy for your bookkeeping.

Live Streaming from Any Source

Live stream from Zoom, OBS or other external streaming sources or even directly from your browser, any option is available.

Simultaneous Live Stages

It’s perfect whether you run a small event with only one stage, or a big event with multiple stages that stream at the same time.

Automated Recorded Sessions

Eventmix saves the live video stream automatically. Then you can decide if you want to allow your attendees to replay the content

Live Stream Pre-recorded Videos

If your speakers are on a different time zone or they just can’t be live at the time you want, you can live stream pre-recorded videos.

Your attendees are yours

Sending users to other platforms means that you don't own the relationship anymore. Not with Eventmix. You own the users and we won't contact them for other events.

Your Terms & Conditions

Because the event is run on your own domain, the attendees will comply to the terms and conditions and privacy policy that you set for your event.

You own the data

You own all the data around your event. Eventmix is here as your technical partner, but anything regarding the event is yours.

Security features

With Eventmix you have security features to make sure that any attendee that registers has access to your event only if you want to.


Your attendees can interact on the event lobby or during the live streams via chat.

Audience Reactions

Your attendees can react with emojis and your speakers will get a better feeling of the audience.


You can create polls and attendees can respond to event questions.


Your attendees can ask moderated questions for the speakers on important topics that they are interested about.

Networking Roundtables

Some times a subject needs a more in depth discussion. You can organize roundtables where a limited number of speakers can discuss certain subjects, with or without attendee participation.

Video 1:1 Meetings (Coming soon)

If they decide to meet, your attendees can have a quick call to exchange contact information directly form your event page.

Expo with Virtual Booths

Your sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their products virtually, whether by pre-recorded video or live.

Multiple Sponsor Features

You have a lot of flexibility in choosing the different sponsor categories and features that you want to activate, based on your own criterias.

Sponsor Offers

Sponsors can activate special offers for your event. The attendees will be able to take the offer and interact with the sponsor.

Multiple Sponsor Ads Placements (coming soon)

You can give as much visibility to sponsors as you like. Apart from displaying the logo on the page which is available, you will be able to insert ads between sessions or full branding of the sessions.


Our integration with Zapier is a gateway to more than 2000+ apps that you'd like to integrate Eventmix with

Stripe Payments

Via our Stripe Connect integration, payments are done quickly and the payment reconciliation is done automatically

Support Chat Widgets

You can add your Intercom or other customer support widgets directly on your landing page and event pages.

Live Streaming Sources

Eventmix integrates well with Zoom, Meet, Skype, OBS or other external live streaming solutions.

Facebook Pixel

You can add tracking codes for Facebook pixel, used for tracking and retargeting your attendees

Google Analytics Code

You can add tracking codes for Google Analytics that allows you to track visitor numbers

Flexible Scheduling

Run your event whenever you’d like with the flexible agenda options. You can run a pre-recorded event or one that happens now

Event Reports

You get intuitive reports about ticket sales and custoemr behavior so that you can create even better content for your next event

Email Notifications

Your attendees will be notified one day before and one hour before the event is about to start

SMS Notifications (Coming soon)

Your attendees will be notified by SMS that the event is about to start

Third-party Apps (Coming soon)

More apps that you can add to your event, developed by our partners

Themes (Coming soon)

More themes and landing pages to choose from, developed by our partners

Solutions for Virtual & Hybrid Events

Healthcare Events

We built dedicated features for secure and private Healthcare events and Medical Industry events.

Corporate Events

Internal and external events are more engaging and offer a better experience than existing solutions.


Solutions for conferences from a few to many thousands of attendees.

Hybrid Events

Offline & online should be a seamless experience. With Eventmix you get exactly that

Virtual Summits

Virtual Summits are now easier to launch than ever before. There are so many options you can offer attendees.


Make trainings more engaging and interactive with polls & q&a or a networking session.

Virtual Tradeshows

Sell products right from your live events and create booths for your sponsors.

Networking Events

Our networking roundtables offer participands engaging experiences.

Some awesome feedback from our customers

A perfect solution for virtual events Eventmix proved to be the perfect solution for live streaming of the TEDxBaiaMare event. The broadcast went perfectly, the support team helped us a lot, including on the day of the event, and the fact that during the breaks we were able to broadcast video ads of the sponsors meant a lot. We warmly recommend this product. ☺I liked the Expo section where you can create virtual booths for the partners and sponsors of the event. It is also extremely easy to use, intuitive, with excellent customer support. ☹It would have been great if emails could have been sent to our audience directly from the eventmix platform. But I understand that they are working on this functionality.
Ciprian B.
Ciprian B.
December 6, 2021.
Great experience! The platform was an excellent solution for our biggest event of the year, the SMART WORK CONFERENCE. We created different stages for different types of attendees, and we appreciated the networking area that allowed our participants to join various round table discussions during the event's break. ☺The platform is very user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to customize. Whenever we needed support, it came promptly. It was a pleasure to work with the Eventmix team on customizing our event page! ☹In the beginning, there were some bugs on the Speakers menu, but they were quickly fixed by the team :D. It would help to have control on the timing the platform sends reminders of the event to the attendees.
Anca T.
Anca T.
November 19, 2021.
Excellent customer support ☺We used Eventmix for organizing the online National Conference of our professional association. It is really easy to set up an event, it is quite intuitive so you don't , you don't need special technical skills in your team :). I must mention the we benefit of excellent customer support for all the customization we asked. A big thanks to [SENSITIVE CONTENT] & team. I herby recommend Eventmix for at least 3 reasons: user friendly platform either as organizer or participant, excellent customer support and value for money. ☹The only challenge we've face was related to access the platform from different corporate emails due to firewalls. I know is complicated to be solved.. but it will be great if you will make it.
Dana C.
Dana C.
November 15, 2021.
A very good platform, continuously improving We organized a conference in Eventmix, with more than 50 speakers from all over the world and over 300 attendees. The conference took place over 4 days, and everything worked fine, both live and prerecorded presentations. ☺- very easy to use, to customize - user friendly interface - a multitude of themes / colors for customizing - young and opened team, always at your disposal with any help needed. - continuously developing - automatically record the presentations - easy manage everything from the backstage area - easy to create and customize tickets (both payed or free) - easy to upload prerecorded presentations - very good and clear view in overview section for every event. ☹- a small workaround with the registration process. - a bit hard to work on the calendar ( in terms of the view )
Ana-Maria N.
Ana-Maria N.
November 12, 2021.
Eventmix I like it a lot because it takes just a Few minute to fully customize an event ans it very User friendly also for outside members. Has a very good Option for accessing data of the attendees ☺It is user friendly and the la ding Pages customize pretty fast ☹The Organisation / structure of the tabs
Elena M.
Elena M.
November 8, 2021.
A great solution for online & hybrid events ☺Some of the features that really make Eventmix a great platform for hosting online & hybrid events are: - the option of creating complex profiles for speakers - the possibility of creating expositional stands - the possibility of introducing the logos for our sponsors & partners - the template for the Agenda (being able to structure very clearly the event agenda that includes speakers, their presentation title and the time-frame) - the option to acces the recordings of the conferences post-event - the personalizing features of the landing page (logos, descriptions, visuals) - keeping track of the attendees lists with great details based on the personalized forms that you can set - the tickets feature has a nice touch with the possibility of setting add-ond & promo codes - the option of sending attendance certificates to the participants ☹I wouldn't go so far as saying there are some features I dislike but I will point out a few aspects that would come in handy in the future such as: - being able to copy-paste an event (especially for the expo area) - being able to answer individually to comments during an event - being able to buy group-tickets with preferential prices
Sonia R.
Sonia R.
November 8, 2021.
Easy to use eventmix ☺Eventmix is easy to use as an event manager. I can create the event easily with descriptive agenda, nice expo, live stage and networking tables. Atendees can chat and interact before the event and can visit the expo area. Great support team, very responsive and willing to find a solution. ☹For those who have recurent events it would be nice to be able to create templates. I can_t wait for the offline events tickets and badges in order to use eventmix for hybrid events
Ioana D.
Ioana D.
November 5, 2021.

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